Using What We Are Given

On New Year's Eve I discovered that a tour of my flat featured in one of Apartment Therapy's Best of 2016 - a roundup of their favourite posts about making the most of your rented home. Interestingly, the post in question is one all about colour.

I don't know why I didn't post the original tour when it was published back in June. Maybe because, like so many of us, I can sometimes struggle to have the confidence in my own light to fully let it shine. But something is changing in me - maybe I didn't post then because it needed to wait until now.

Last year, rather than resolutions, I chose one single word to define what I wanted to commit to in 2016. Both concept and word worked well for me, so I have decided to do the same again this year. And the word for 2017 is unapologetic. In my writing, in my creativity more generally and indeed in all aspects of my life it's time to come out from behind those dark curtains of maybe and say a full-toothed yes.

I spent New Year's Eve itself at a glorious supper party hosted by my dear friend and creative partner Cathy Pyle. Before the other guests arrived Cathy gave me my Christmas gift, a gorgeous book by interiors stylist Hilary Robertson - The Stuff Of Life. As I opened the first pages we both remarked on the serendipity of being given both the book and the Apartment Therapy news on the same day - and not just any day, on New Year's Eve; commenting that it almost felt like the universe itself was giving me a sparkling message. This really is the stuff of life. Because, of course, part of the gift is in the receiving, and part of receiving is using.

Happy New Year everyone. May all your gifts shine.